Governor Andrew Cuomo is announcing that New York State saw almost 9 million new tourists this year.
Cuomo today released the State's end of the year progress report on the State's tourism initiative.

In addition to the new tourists, the industry is projected to generate nearly $8 billion in state and local taxes as well as add over 24 thousand new jobs by the end of the year.

The State will also reach $61 million in direct spending, which Cuomo says is enough to pay the salaries of every firefighter and police officer in New York.

“This year my administration made it a priority to showcase the Empire State as the go-to destination for visitors from around the world,” Governor Cuomo said. “Our efforts are clearly paying off: by the end of 2013, nearly nine million more visitors will have come to New York compared to 2012. We will have generated almost $8 billion in local and state taxes. We will have created tens of thousands of new jobs in the industry, growing one of the state’s biggest employers. These figures underscore the significant role the tourism industry plays in New York’s economy, and we will continue our work to make sure it thrives.”