Legendary comedian-actor Dan Aykroyd was so upset with the host of an Australian TV program, that he stormed off the set leaving an F-bomb filled rant in his wake as he left the studio.

Aykroyd was doing an interview with Ellen Fanning on a program called 'The Observer Effect' and everything was going well until the former SNL cast member tried to plug his Crystal Head Vodka product, which is filtered through Herkimer Diamonds. When Aykroyd  was told he couldn't talk about the vodka, he became irate according to program executives.  Staffers at the show say he stormed off the set and had some choice words for the host on his way out.

The vodka, which comes in a bottle in the shape of a crystal skull, is said to be filtered through actual Herkimer Diamonds, from the mines located in Middleville, NY.

Aykroyd is said to have made several trips to the Middleville mines and was last seen in Utica in July, while eating at Delmonicos Restaurant.