An expert on escaping incarceration, magician David Blaine performed this summer for a crowd that knows all too well what it's like to want to break free from shackles and cages.

Blaine played to a full house of about 60 New York City inmates at the Manhattan Detention Complex, according to the

His act included pulling rabbits out of hats, doing card tricks and more, the post reports:

“He was levitating and teasing inmates with tricks on how to break out of here,” said one guard. “You know that isn’t happening.”

Some correction officers said they are more deserving of a show by Blaine, who in 2006 performed for prisoners in Louisiana and Arizona, than are the hardened criminals they watch over.

“I wish David Blaine would perform for us. I love that man. Besides, I think we deserve it more than them, don’t you think?” said one guard.

Surely the guards aren't the only ones to raise an eyebrow and question whether it's appropriate to provide this type of entertainment in a jail. But, the post says taxpayers were sparred the expense of the marquee magician because Blaine did the show for free.