Listeners who know David Rodriguez are aware that he has struggled with his weight in recent years.

Less than a week ago he underwent gastric sleeve surgery.  A photo of his post-surgery abdomen appears below the video at the end of this post (warning just in case you do not want to see it).  He says there were a total of seven incisions and his doctor, Dr. William Graber, repaired a hernia during the surgery as well.

Dave says he lost close to fifty pounds prior to the surgery, and continues to watch what he eats.  He added that the surgery is life-changing, and represents a psychological commitment to keep the weight off, as he must now always limit what he eats.  His biggest craving so far post-surgery, he says, has been a cup of coffee.

Video from some of Dave's appearance can be seen here:

Kristine Bellino, WIBX