If you've been waiting for the special season to open for snow geese, you're in luck.

New emergency regulations from the Department of Environmental Conservation are allowing hunters to immediately begin taking the waterfowl until the season ends on April 15th.

Normally, the season would begin on March 11th, but DEC officials say an expanded season will cut down on environmental damage by the geese while giving hunters more opportunities.

DEC Commissioner Joe Martens also says, "Extending the snow geese season is just one more way Governor Cuomo and DEC are working to expand opportunities for New York's sportsmen and women."

The special season for snow geese was established in 2008, when populations began to reach record populations. Hunters were encouraged to take more geese in order to keep the population under control.

In addition to the extended season, hunters are allowed to take up to 25 of the waterfowl each day. They are also allowed to use electronic calls and unplugged guns, as long as no other open season for waterfowl is in effect.

For more information regarding the expanded snow goose season, click here.