Central New York (WIBX) - If Canada Geese are becoming a problem, the Department of Environmental Conservation may be able to help.

According to the group, several options are available for land owners facing nuisances from geese nesting on their property.

DEC officials say people may scare or chase geese, provided none of the birds are harmed. People may also use a technique called "egg-addling," provided they register online to do so.

Egg-addling involves puncturing goose eggs or coating them in corn oil to prevent hatching.

Lastly, geese may be killed with permission from the DEC, but only during specific time frames. To obtain a federal permit, click here or call USDA Wildlife Services at (518) 477-4837.

Other information may be found on the Nuisance Geese page of the DEC's website or by calling you local regional office.

The DEC says New York's Canada goose population is estimated at 200,000 birds, even with 50,000 geese harvested annually during hunting seasons.