The Department of Environmental Conservation is urging New Yorkers to keep their distance and not disturb fawns or other young wildlife.

Many people assume that young wildlife found alone are helpless and need assistance to survive, but in almost all cases this is a mistake and human interaction can do more damage than harm.

"Young wildlife quickly venture into the world on shaky legs and fragile wings. While most are learning survival from one or both parents, some normally receive little or no care. Often, wild animal parents stay away from their young when people are near. For all of these young animals, the perils of survival are a natural part of life in the world."


If you see a fawn or other young wildlife, the DEC says to enjoy your encounter but keep it brief, maintain some distance and never try to touch the animal.

Wild animals are not meant for captivity and may also carry diseases that are harmful to people.

The DEC says to remember the slogan, 'If you care, leave it there.'