Utica, NY (WIBX) - Assemblywoman for the 116th District, RoAnn M. Destito, was selected by Governor Andrew Cuomo to lead the New York State Office of General Services as its new Commissioner.

Destito says the decision was made official yesterday and the next steps will involve the transition into her new role as OGS Commissioner. She said, "I want everyone to know that it was a very, very tough decision and I indicated to the governor that I wouldn't stop advocating for this region of the state, and upstate as a whole because I feel very strongly about the jobs and the economy, and he says it's his part of the state also, so I think that we'll be a good team."

Destito says the office of General Services functions as the operational headquarters for the government through its management of all the buildings, running all procurement operations, as well as managing the government's technology and commodities operations. Once Destito is confirmed by the State Senate, she will resign her 116th District Assembly seat and Cuomo will call a special election to replace her.

Destito went public with the news at one of her budget hearings at North Utica Senior Citizens Community Center. About the governor's budget, Destito says she's holding the meetings to listen to the concerns of citizens. "During these challenging economic times, I believe that it is critically essential that my legislative colleagues and I get input from the people most affected by the governor's budget -- the taxpayers," she said.

About transitioning into her new role as OGS Commissioner Destito said, "I'm very pleased, I'm very happy but I'm also sad because I'm giving up something that I was also passionate about." Once confirmed, Destito will have an office in the Utica State Office Building and in Albany.