This will be my third year running the Boilermaker 15k. I am especially excited this year because I have decided to participate in the charity bib program. I am going to be running for the Sitrin FundRacers. I hope that you will make a donation to help this wonderful organization. All the money raised goes to help Sitrin Military Rehabilitation Service and Adaptive Sports Programs at the Sitrin Medical Rehabilitation Center. This group is a non-profit organization.

Here Are Some Pictures Of What Sitrin Does:

Marc DePerno

This is a photo of Herman Geric who was the first local wheelchair racer to compete in the NYC Marathon. Sitrin is a major supporter of Garic.

Rosemary Bonacci

This is Alli Morgan finishing her first race since an injury caused the need for her leg to be amputated eight years before.

Stephanie Gorczynski

This photo shows Alli Morgan running for the first time with her new leg.

Stephanie Gorczynski

Here is a family benefited by the Military Rehab Equine Therapy Program.

Stephanie Gorczynski

This is retired Master Sergeant Richard Olson Jr. being assisted with the Equine Rehabilitation Program.

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

The services available at Sitrin have also helped Team USA Paralympic Curler Jimmy Joseph, who has competed in the Paralympic Winter Games in 2006, 2010, and these latest games in Sochi, Russia.

Whatever you can donate to benefit this incredible cause and help me meet and exceed my goal of $500, it would be greatly appreciated. I will be donating $100 of my own money and even if you can only give $5, it will be put to good use. Thank you so much for your support. I am honored to be running for such a remarkable organization!