If you live in Utica and still have green waste to get rid of, it now has to be placed in a container.

Any clippings, leaves or branches should be in containers weighing less than 45 pounds, while branch bundles must be less than four feet in length. Dirt, bricks and concrete are to be placed in separate containers and should not weigh any more than 45 pounds.

Green waste can not go in plastic bags, cardboard boxes or recycle containers. Also, loose paper and plastics are to be placed in blue bags and not with green waste.

Utica's Department of Public Works and the Solid Waste Authority will soon send out inspectors to cite homes with piles left on their property.

Those with any questions regarding green waste pickups in the city are encouraged to call the DPW at (315) 738-1341, or Solid Waste at (315) 738-0238.