Wampsville, NY (WIBX) - With a nearly 20 percent jump in car/deer crashes so far this year, the Madison County Sheriff's Office is issuing some tips to keep drivers safe.

Sheriff Allen Riley says the rules are simple.

"I would that they drive slow, keep their eyes open on the sides of the road for eyes looking at them and if you see anything slow down," Riley said. "Usually, when there's one crossing the road, there's going to be more to follow. So, if one crosses in front of you, kind of stop, look around and make sure there's no more coming from the same direction."

Riley also says if hitting a deer is unavoidable, hold on to the steering wheel, do not swerve and move as far to the right shoulder as you can. And, as always, never approach a deer.

"People probably don't know that deer have real sharp hooves that can actually slice you open if they kick at you," Riley said. "Sometimes they're just stunned, and they'll get up and run away. They could gore you or run after you."

Deputies and State Police have responded to more than 530 car/deer incidents through November of this year, and accounts for more than 37 percent of crashes investigated in the county each year.