Utica, NY (WIBX) - We always hear the term,"The responsibility of the Media." As we advance into the 21st Century, the Media is constantly looking for ways to better understand its role and impact in the community they serve.

Here at WIBX, we want to tackle this question and delema: How do we continue to bring you the news, having a firm understanding of our responsibility as a member of the community, all while staying competitive in this market?

In an effort to keep the community involved in our decision making and style of coverage, we would like to start a dialogue using a recent headline as an example of when the Media's responsibility could be called into question.

UPD Suspect, 20-year-old Jasmin Rizvic. Rizvic has had several run-ins with law enforcement officials lately. Last year he took NYS Police on a high speed chase on I-790, with speeds over 100 miles per hour, endangering the lives of many.

The question: Do we continue to cover the suspect's activities? How important is it for you to know that he's allegedly broken another law? Do you think the media coverage he's receiving only emboldens him to allegedly re-offend?

The community's opinion is crucial as we work to continue to bring you adequate and impactful news and information that has the power to shape us, positively and or negatively.

Let us know what you think.