Albany, NY (WIBX) - The race for the right to try to unseat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand appears to be going to Attorney Wendy Long, who currently has about fifty-five percent of the votes, well ahead of closest rival Representative Robert Turner, who is garnering about thirty percent.

Less than half of the votes have been counted. However, we may not get the final count, except for projections based on exit polling, because Turner has requested an impound of the votes.

Challenger George Maragos appears to be a distant third at this time, receiving from six to eleven percent of votes statewide.

David Catalfamo, a spokesperson for Wendy Long, says that the impound request is "an overreaction by an obviously desperate campaign." Turner spokeswoman Jessica Proud says, "impounding the ballots is the best way" to ensure the integrity of every vote.