Kristine Bellino, WIBX

Esquire Magazine is apologizing after a photograph taken by photographer Richard Drew, which was the centerpiece of award-winning journalist Tom Junod's famous "Falling Man" 2003 article in Esquire Magazine, unintentionally and unfashionably appeared next to an ad on its website.

The ad's headline, which read "Make Your Morning Commute More Stylish / Look good on your way to work" appeared by mistake on because of a technical error.

The pairing of the epic fall with the ad made for an epic fail as the Twitterverse exploded with responses.

Here is how The Situation Room's Vaughn Sterling reacted:


Given the use of increasingly automated technology, seemingly innocent mistakes such as this, to which Esquire reacted quickly and efficiently, may be more commonplace. In other words, it can happen to anyone who toils in the digital universe: writers, advertisers, and - of course - buyers beware.