Photo By NFL via Getty Images is reporting former NFL safety Darren Sharper has been charged with two counts of rape by use of drugs in Los Angeles County.

The case stems from alleged incidents in October and January. Prosecutors say Sharper met two women at a West Hollywood nightclub and invited them to a party, but not before taking them to his hotel room where the alleged assaults took place. is reporting that Sharper allegedly gave the women shots that contained Ambien and Morphine, causing them to pass out. One of the women says she woke up while Sharper was assaulting her and the other says she woke up naked hours later.

Sharper was arrested on January 17, and released on $200,000 bail. L.A. County Prosecutors say they will seek to have his bail raised to $10 million because the Miami resident is also being investigated for rapes in L.A., New Orleans, Nevada and Arizona.