The former Manhattan madam who ran the high-end prostitution operation that 'serviced' Elliot Spitzer and, reportedly, many other weather public figures, is now prepared to face the ex-New York governor in the New York City Comptroller's race.

But, Kristin Davis, who says she served three-months at Rikers Island while Spitzer was allowed to resign his governorship and walk away, wants to make it clear that 'he is entering my race.'

Davis ran an unsuccessful bid for New York Governor on the Anti-Prohibition line, vowing to legalize prostitution, pot, same sex marriage (which at the time was not the authorized in NY) and enhancement of gun rights.

Now, with the backing of the Libertarian party, Davis says she is the 'most qualified' of all the candidates.

''What most people don't know about me is that I spent ten years as senior vice president of a $5 billion dollar hedge fund. My background is accounting. I can find a [missing] penny in $5 billion dollars with 10,000 transactions,'' Davis said.

''Scott Stringer is a career politician with not financial background. Spitzer is a criminal, he was being investigated for trooper-gate and spent his entire public service career servicing his own needs,'' she said, adding that he's called the 'steam roller' because he does what ever he wants and is a hypocrite.

Spitzer recent announcement gives him just a few short days to gather the required 4,000 signatures he needs to be on the ballot, she said.

Davis added her belief that Spitzer is throwing money at the race in an effort to better his image.

Worth noting that when he resigned from office, Spitzer indicated he would not seek to return to public office.

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