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Survey:  People Who Drink More Coffee, Die Faster

People who drink more than four cups of coffee per day have a higher mortality rate, according to a new analysis of the 1979 to 1998 Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study. Younger men who drank about 28 cups of coffee per week were 56 percent likelier to die sooner than non-coffee drinkers, while women had double the risk of dying. The recently discovered health benefits of coffee’s antioxidants and protective effects against diseases like diabetes have not been called into question, however. "We're not saying that coffee is the cause of death; we just noticed coffee is associated with increased risk of death," said study co-author Dr. Carl Lavie.

Impeach Obama Drive:

The President will bring his bus tour to Central New York this week and overpasses throughout the area are featuring banners calling for the President's impeachment.  A local listener sent in a photo from the highway; this one was taken in Daytona.

Photo courtsy of Greeley Ford

Utica Comets Owner Rob Esche in Studio

Rob gave an update on what's coming, the new schedule, synergy with Utica College and more...

Esche announced that the Comets Schedule will be released on Thursday and pocket schedules will be out next week.

(Audio coming)

NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli

On air...We're waiting on him.

The Rules of Pregnancy, Wine and Coffee Have Changed?

University of Chicago economist Emily Oster took a hard look at the "rules" of pregnancy and found that many things women take for granted are based on outdated or poorly sourced information. Relying on scientific studies, Oster, who's written a new book on the topic, has good news for pregnant moms: A little wine is fine, even in the first trimester; coffee is safe even in quantity; sushi is okay; and weight gained during pregnancy is less important than a woman's starting weight. Oster's findings are facing fierce opposition from some experts, but she says the facts are on her side.