A Florida man is now presumed dead after a sinkhole below his home opened suddenly, swallowing his bedroom on Thursday night.

36-Year old Jeff Bush was sleeping when the ground below him gave way.  His brother, 35-year old Jeremy Bush, saw what happened and jumped into the hole trying to free his brother.  He was rescued but it was too late for his brother.

Edward Linsmier, Getty Images

Authorities say the prospects of finding Jeff are poor, and the family is thankful that no one else fell victim to the sinkhole.

It happened in Seffner, Florida, a Hillsborough County suburb of Tampa.  The hole continues to grow and officials say that other homes in the neighborhood are compromised.  Some residents are packing their belongings and preparing to move.

Sinkholes are relatively common in Florida, where thousands of them appear each year.  Most are small and do not impact entire homes and communities.

From outside of the home everything appears normal, though the area has been cordoned off while investigators determine whether they will ever be able to recover the body of Jeff Bush, entombed below the surface.

Edward Linsmier, Getty Images