A dozen employees at a real estate company in the Sunshine State are sharing their luck, and money, with a co-worker who opted not to buy-in to the groups winning Florida Powerball purchase.

Amy Kilcoyne, joined WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning to share the story (we couldn't get her to includes the WIBX team in the money share).

The new employee is a single mom who passed on the opportunity to get in office gamble.

But, what happens when the group wins? Many people would say 'too bad', but not this group.

''Everyone was like we should do something for her. We won the money, its not like we went out and earned it,'' Kilcoyne said, but she didn't want to disclose how much they'd give her. ''We haven't even gotten any [money] yet, and we probably won't tell people how much we give her. We don't want to spread her business,'' she said.

It's been reported they'll get about $87,000 each, before taxes, but Kilcoyne said she wasn't sure if that number was accurate.

On how they found out

''Really I didn't even know we had won, because we didn't get the Powerball. I was telling my husband as I was texting my co-workers, 'Hey we got five numbers.' Then they're like, 'That's a million dollars!'''

Lucky Twist

When Kilcoyne's co-worker went into to buy the tickets there was discrepancy, and so she had to buy a second batch. She purchased tickets, but then needed to buy 60 more tickets, and a guy was annoyed and cut in front of her. Guess what? The winning ticket was in that second batch, she said.

''There are 12 people, all on our team. We didn't just go around the whole office. We all work together, and Jenn (the girl who opted not to buy in) works with us,'' she said.

This was only the second time the group played the Florida Powerball, Kilcoyne said.