Berlin, Germany (WIBX) - German police are questioning the story of a teenage boy who showed up in Berlin claiming that he had spent the last five years living in the forest with his father until his dad died in August of last year.

The teen, who calls himself “Ray,” says that he buried the body in the forest, but so far police have been unable to find anything.

German police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf is releasing the boy’s photo internationally to help generate leads about the boy’s identity.

Ray told authorities that his mom, Doreen, died in a car accident twelve years ago and that his birthday is June 20, 1994.

He speaks fluent English and is apparently learning to speak German easily. He is adapting well to cellular telephones and his laptop. Although typical of a teenager, it is not necessarily what police expect from one who claims to have been living in tents and caves, adding to suspicion surrounding his story.