There is much jostling underway as potential candidates determine whether they will launch a congressional campaign with the hopes of replacing Richard Hanna in the 22nd Congressional District.

There is plenty to take into consideration, including the impact on your family life - which is the reason the retiring Hanna says he won't seek re-election. WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning caught up with the Utica-area's former representative, Michael Arcuri, for some perspective on the district and what it is like to be a federal legislator.

Arcuri, also Oneida County's former district attorney who now operates a private practice in downtown Utica, called his term in what was then the 24th Congressional District (before recent redistricting) 'the best job I've ever had,' before using this analogy to answer whether he misses being a member of Congress:

''You know how much fun a merry-go-round is when you're on it? Then, you get off and your legs are wobbly and you're like: 'That was fun but I'm not going to go on it again?'

''I'm having a really good time with my family and being here for the things I missed before,'' Arcuri said, explaining that he understands why Hanna is choosing family over another bid for Washington.

During the interview, Arcuri also weighed in on efforts to revitalize downtown Utica, Marcy Nano and several of the candidates said to be considering a run for congress: