The man at the center of the Penn State sexual abuse scandal has been interviewed for the first time since the shocking allegations were made public.

Bob Costas of NBC's 'Center Rock' spoke to Jerry Sandusky via the telephone in a ten minute interview that aired on Monday night.

In it, Sandusky admits to showering 'after workouts' with children but denies being a pedophile and engaging in any inappropriate sexual contact with kids. Costas directly asks Sandusky about an eyewitness acount claiming Sandusky raped a child and another incident where a janitor claimed to have seen the former coach performing oral sex on a boy.

When asked if he was sexually attracted to underaged boys, Sandusky repeated the question and said he 'enjoys' young people and loves to be around them, but is not sexually attracted to them.

Sandusky's attorney, Joe Amendola, says he expects some of the alleged victims will come forward in the near future to refute the allegations.