Little Falls, NY (WIBX) - The City of Little Falls is cracking down on the illegal sale of prescription drugs.

According to Police Chief Michael Masi, selling prescription drugs has become a growing problem in the community and requires more attention.

"Due to the availability in just about every household in the community, kids and adults are able to get their hands on it," Masi said. "Whether it be from grandma, whether it be from their parents who are on painkillers of some time, whatever the case may be. They're in the households and they can get their hands on them."


Following an eight-month long investigation, the City's Police Department executed four search warrants on Saturday, arresting four people.

Danielle Guyer, 38; Terry Congdon, 50; Russell Kittle, 29; and Stephen Campione, 26, were taken into custody and face felony counts of Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance.

Masi says investigations are ongoing, with assistance and direction from the Herkimer County District Attorney's Office and D.A. Jeffery Carpenter.

"We just ask that the public be patient," Masi said. "These investigations take time, they take resources, and we're working diligently at continuing the investigations and making more arrests."

A fifth arrest in connection with Saturday's sweeps was also made during December, with 34 year-old Richard Wilson charged with the same crime. Wilson was sent to Herkimer County Jail without bail.