Gathering more reaction to Utica's 2013-2014 budget proposal, councilman Frank Meola had some high praise for Mayor Robert Palmieri. Meola joined First News with Keeler in the Morning Wednesday to talk about the spending plan:

  • "Thank God, the Mayor did a great job...They nickeled and dimed every budget line."
  • On show up pay, Meola says of Mayor Palmieri, "He wants the money", adding that it amounts to $685,000. The councilman says the mayor would rather keep the officers on the job, rather than pay them for showing up 15-minutes early and having to cut positions.
  • However, Meola says ''There's a cash flow problem in the city."
  • "We can't even borrow money any more because they downgraded us so much."

Utica's GOP Party Chairman Joe Hobika, called the show to challenge Meola on the numbers: