Members of the New York State Senate and Assembly have until Friday to make disclosures about their financial relationships with sources outside of the government.

The Moreland Commission, appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, negotiated a week-long extension with lawyers for state legislators to disclose income that they receive from the private sector.

In addition, lawmakers who are attorneys are being asked to disclose civil or criminal clients they represent.

The Moreland Commission is charged with rooting out corruption in government. Governor Cuomo says he hopes that the commission helps restores the public's faith in government and in its elected leaders.


Politicians Preparing For Queries From Governor Cuomo's Commission To Investigate Public Corruption

The "Commission to Investigate Public Corruption" has been established with one goal: getting rid of the bad apples in government. Governor Andrew Cuomo said, "We must root out corruption in politics and government," and set up the new investigative team under the Moreland Act and Executive Law Section 63(8).