A Little Falls family has been looking for their two dogs which went missing around New Year's Eve and with sub-zero temperatures moving back into the area, the situation seems dire.

According to Mohawk Valley Pet Lost and Found, David Spencer of Little Falls says the dogs ran off during the afternoon on December 31st and he wants people in the area to know that the dogs are friendly.

"Please keep an eye out for our 2 lost dogs Miai and Comet. Yesterday (12/30/13) at about 2 PM they got free and ran off. Miai pronounced "my-ah" is a female pitbull and Comet is a male border collie. These 2 dogs are very friendly. They took off from our residence on N. Gardinier Rd. in Little Falls. This is near 5S at the bottom of fall hill near the thruway exchange. Feel free to call me at 725-6031 with any information. Thank you very much! We are very worried! Please help!"

Another cold front is moving in on Monday with temperatures once again dropping below zero, before warming up later in the week.

For more details, log on to Mohawk Valley Pet Lost and Found.

Courtesy Mohawk Valley Pet Lost and Found