Rome is a city on the move, but it's going to take time and patience from its residents in order to help the city continue making gains.

That was the theme of Tuesday night's State of the City Address delivered by Mayor Joe Fusco in the gymnasium of the Gansevoort Elementary School.

During his hour long speech, Fusco touched on several subjects, including a replacement of the city's filtration plant, continuing to find uses for the Kennedy Arena, and using the DPW for more in-house projects.

Gino Geruntino, WIBX

He says the city has hit on rough times, but is making investments to draw businesses in.

"We just need that one extra push to get that influx of people back in town," Fusco said. "It would just start to get our wheels turning back in a positive direction. It would put contractors back to work; it would fill up our restaurants, it would just do so much for us. That's really what we need... we need that one break."

Other plans established for this year include developing the water front area, becoming more self-sufficient by using new technology and restructuring the way the city's public safety officials perform their duties.

However, everything Fusco outlined during his speech leads toward one goal.

"The overall theme of my administration has been to become self-sufficient and self-reliant," Fusco said. "That, I think, is the key to reducing the cost of our government."

Fusco says by pushing forward and continuing to offer opportunities in Rome, the city will once again become a vibrant community.