Everyone has a cell phone, and the majority have smartphones but we're all dependent on what our service provider wants to develop. Or are we?

While all of the main providers limit our access to new phones by what they choose to carry, the planned obsolescence of mobile phone technology means that as a society we are producing excessive technology waste. A new crowdsource project is seeking to change that this October.

Instead of entire devices becoming obsolete, make the device modular. Customize the components of your phone to make it relevant to you. Your phone will never be out of date again.

Do you think it will succeed?


Matt Lauer On Today Show Examines Sexting And Parenting

The NBC Today Show aired a segment on teen Sexting recently and focused on how it has changed the relationship of parenting. Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Matt Lauer spoke with a social media expert and a child and teen developmental specialist about the trend to understand just what sexting is like and how it is affecting parenting.