Peter Franklin, the last English speaking cab driver in New York City, was on Keeler in the Morning on Wednesday.

Here are a few of his top 'Big Apple' stories from his website.

****According to Matthew Christian, an English teacher who spends his summers performing violin pieces around the city’s subways, his trouble started almost the moment he walked into the 68th Street-Hunter College station just after noon this past week. No sooner had he reached the platform and began to unpack his things, he said, when an NYPD officer standing on the opposite platform shined his flashlight at Christian: “Not today,“ he said.  THEY ARRESTED MAT AND KEPT HIM IN JAIL FOR FOUR HOURS AND PLAYING MUSIC IN THE SUBWAY IS NOT ILLEGAL.

****Police are investigating an early morning bank robbery where thieves used a backhoe to smash through a wall and enter the building, police sources said. It’s believed the thieves stole the construction vehicle from a nearby company.  THE COPS WILL PROBABLY NOT FIND THESE CROOKS BECAUSE THEY ARE SPENDING THEIR TIME ARRESTING MUSICIANS.

****”Rolling Stone” glorified the Boston Bomber.  Now, the “New Yorker Magazine” is doing it with Anthony Weiner.

Check out the rest of Peter's stories on his website.

Audio:  Check out Peter on Keeler in the Morning