Polls close across New York State at 9PM.  As the results pour into our Townsquare New York news bureaus across the state, we'll provide updates on statewide and local races.

US Senate 0% reporting

Kirsten Gillibrand (D-I-WF)

Wendy Long (R-C)

21st Congressional District 0% Reporting

Billl Owens (D)

Matt Doheny (R)

22nd Congressional District 69% of Oneida County 100% Herkimer County Reporting

Dan Lamb (D) 22,002

Richard Hanna (R-C) 45, 852

NYS Assembly 101st District 0% Reporting

Dan Carter (D) 9393

Claudia Tenney (R) 18,776

NYS Assembly 118th District 15% of Oneida Country Reporting

Joseph Chilelli (D) 319

Marc Butler (R) 939

In Herkimer County, Butler 2,112 Chilelli 916 (26 of 59 reporting)

Oneida County Ballot Proposal 94% Reporting

Should the Oneida County Legislature be reduced in size from 29 seats to 23 seats?

YES 40,901

NO 20,023

City of Utica propositions:

 Prop 2:  Should Common Council President and Members be excluded from health care benefits?

YES 8,792

NO 5,014

Prop 3:  Should part-time and seasonal city employees be excluded from health care benefits provided by the City of Utica?

YES 8,523

NO 5,289

Herkimer County District Attorney 59 of 59 Districts Reporting

Mary Iocovozzi (D)

Jefferey Carpenter (R) - winner