Utica, NY (WIBX) - The man responsible for a murder at Geno's Tavern in Utica last year will be spending the next 10 years in prison for the crime.

21-year old Antwuan March reached a plea deal with prosecutors earlier this year for the murder of Umar Khadafy Rahman, and today sentencing was handed down in Oneida County Court. Public Information Officer and Utica Police Sergeant Steven Hauck said officers have faith in the justice system however, when it comes to homicides law enforcement officials always push for the harshest sentence for the perpetrations.
He said, "That's the sentence that was handed down and we're comfortable with that. Mr. March's attorney felt that there was enough evidence that he risked being convicted at trial and we feel the same way--we felt that we had enough evidence to go forward with a trial but sometimes that's how cases work. There's plea deals for whatever reason and sometimes it goes to trial and it's a guilty. So, at this point we're satisfied with it.  Ten years is sufficient enough that hopefully Mr. March can turn his life around and be a productive part of society when he comes back out."
He said this case had it's challenges because of the dispute earlier that night between March and Rahman. March claimed in court that Rahman threatened him first. Hauck said it was the second dispute between the two that night that lead to shots being fired, which lead to the death of Rahman. He said, "I'm sure he [March] had his side unfortunately we don't have Mr. Rahman around to interview because he died that day."
It is not known where March will spend the next 10 years of the sentence handed down today. Hauck said the Correctional Services have their own process when it comes to that decision. March was also sentenced to 10 years on a illegal weapons charge. Both sentences will run concurrently.