Utica, NY (WIBX) - For the past few years the Oneida County Health Coalition in cooperation with Herkimer County have worked to identify health issues in the area in an effort to help improve the health of its residents. The two Counties then formed a partnership to tackle obesity and unhealthy practices.

The Get Moving! campaign is designed to improve the health and wellness of residents in the area and County Executive Anthony Picente said the movement will help reduce serious health problems. He said, "That became the Get Moving! campaign to try and instill in people that you can fight off those diseases, while some may be hereditary in nature in terms of diabetes or even heart disease--physical activity and nutritious really can stem that tide."He said the goal is to help build a healthier community.

Chairperson of the Oneida County Health Coalition, Dianne DiMeo explains the new guideline document saying, "It has some best practices throughout the community that people can look at and maybe integrate in some fashion whether it's within their work site, whether it's within what they're doing on their recreational time. We want to make sure that people think about the importance of having a healthy diet." To learn more about the Get Moving! campaign visit: www.ocgov.net and for a copy of the guidelines for living a healthier life visit:http://www.herkimerhealthnet.com/pdf/movinghandbook.pdf