The Republican gubernatorial candidate in New York is starting an online petition to stop the Common Core.

The candidate, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, and his wife, a special education teacher, withheld their children from the most recent round of New York State testing, and now the Astorino family is hoping that more join them.

Even proponents of Common Core admit that implementation of the program was, at best, rough.  Consequently, many agree that the curriculum got off to a rocky start.  Others say the program is inherently flawed and should have never seen the light of day.

The cover of Astorino's online petition reads as follows: "We refuse to let our children be the guinea pigs for this untested federal reach into our local community schools. Not only will Cuomo’s Common Core lead us to higher property taxes, Washington, D.C. bureaucratic oversight, and fewer enrichment classes, but it also stops our teachers from using all their skills in the classroom."

In February 2014 Governor Andrew Cuomo formed a panel to improve the Common Core, and reduce some of the challenges preventing its successful implementation.  The curriculum, as it stands now, has the approval of the Governor and legislature overall, although they have voted to delay parts of its implementation until 2022.