Marcy, NY (WIBX) - What happens to counterfeit clothing after police have taken it off the streets? In many cases it's incinerated. But, State Senator Joe Griffo wants to change that.

Griffo is sponsoring legislation aimed at distributing counterfeit merchandise to the needy, once the items have been altered to ensure they are marked as imitations and safe.

The Senator said although the legislation seems like a "common sense" move for lawmakers, there has been some pushback from the clothing industry.

"As I said, there are going to be some obstacles to overcome and we're going to try to work through them," Griffo said. "But, I think this is important to tell the story to the public. I want to thank law enforcement again for them doing their job. Now, hopefully the rest of the lawmakers will come together and understand that we can play a role to make it better for those who are truly in need."

If the bill is passed into law, it would take effect immediately, with clothing items, including boots and coats, distibuted to non-profit organizations.