If you are a pet owner you will enjoy, or at least be able to relate to, this post. If not, just skip it and go straight to a website like AdoptAPet.com (or that of your local shelter) so you too can enjoy the benefits of sharing your home with a loving pet.

The dogs in this video may not initially exhibit behavior that demonstrates why we love them, but their reactions to our reactions certainly typify how they have succeeded in stealing our hearts.

Before watching the video I have to admit that the video provided reassurance for me on a couple of points.  First, given the accents in the video, it appears that the eating of couches, toys, books, and other stuff is a universal challenge for pet owners.  Second, we all say, "What did you dooooo?" in the same dorky (sorry, no other word applies) tone.

If you are a landlord the video may be proof positive of the validity of that "no pets" policy.