Habitat for Humanity is announcing the opening of a Re-Store in Utica that will sell reclaimed building materials at discounted prices.

The Utica United Party is encouraging the City of Utica and Oneida County to take advantage of the Re-Store by deconstructing old buildings to salvage materials instead of simply demolishing them.

"Here we have a prime example of how we can fix some of the problems in Utica," said City Comptroller Candidate Jim Zecca. "These buildings may soon be demolished. Before Oneida County Habitat for Humanity Re-Store was going to be open here in Utica, everything from these buildings would have been destroyed and wasted. Now, some of the building materials can be refurbished and made available at a lower cost for those individuals who wish to invest in the great property opportunities we have in our city. Some of these folks just cannot afford to buy in the primary market."

County legislator Harmony Speciale says deconstruction would provide more entry level jobs for area citizens.

"This gives us the opportunity to partner the city and the county on behalf of work training and job readiness in a whole new way," Speciale said. "Because supplies are going to be available at below market cost, we can train more workers. More workers trained means less expense to the taxpayer in the long run."

The Re-Store will open early next year at 216 Seward Avenue, and will offer used building and home improvement materials from kitchen cabinets, to plumbing fixtures, windows and used lumber at cheaper prices than retail stores.

The Re-Store concept began in North America in the early 1990's and has expanded across the country. There are more than 700 Re-Stores in the United States and Canada.

Proceeds from sales would help fund other Habitat for Humanity initiatives in the community.