Congressman-elect Richard Hanna, (R-D-24) has been assigned to two important committees in the 112th Congress.The barneveld Republican will serve on the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and the Committee on Education and labor. Hanna said both key committees will enable him to focus on creating economic opportunities in upstate New York. The transportation and Infrastructure Committee deals with the country's highway's, aviation system, and rail transportation. According to Hanna the committees' top priority in the coming years will center on addressing the nation's infrastructure needs, which correlates directly to job growth.

On his Education and Labor Committee assignment Hanna said, "The single most important and determinant factor for our success as a nation and as individuals has been education. We must aggressively prepare our children to compete in the new global economy and to help restore America's competitiveness within the 24th Congressional District, this assignment will play a key role to advance his objective with education.

Hanna will also join the Congressional Dairy Farmers Caucus to address the needs of upstate dairy farmers.