Ilion, NY (WIBX) - Remington Arms in Ilion hosted a congressional visit this morning, complete with a factory tour for Rep. Richard Hanna, (R-NY22). The gun manufacturer submitted a bid to win a government contract to built a replacement combat rifle, which is currently under going its second round of testing.

Senior Vice President for Government and Legislative Affairs, retired Marine Corps Colonel, Otto Weigl says Hanna has been supportive of all government efforts. "He and his staff have engaged with the Army, other members of congress and significant number of committees on capitol hill, to not only help us with our government businesses, but also to help us go through the licensing project to sell to foreign military," Weigl said.

Weigl says the company is also waiting for the green light from the federal government, to sell "a significant amount" of M4 assault rifles--the weapon Remington Arms hopes to replace--to the foreign country he declined to name. Hanna says the company, founded in 1816, plays an important role when it comes to our nations defense. "It's part of the ongoing defense of this country to arm our men and women overseas, or anywhere in the world so, this is what they do here, they build those weapons...they don't control the demand, they just meet it," Hanna said. And, meeting that demand translates to a boost in the local economy, as Remington Arms employs roughly 1,230 people, who work to turn out 3,700 new guns every day.