Utica, NY (WIBX) - Congressman Richard Hanna, (R-24) is urging both parties in Congress to find a compromise solution to the nation's debt crisis. Hanna who supports raising the debt ceiling says it's time to move forward from the current stalemate. In a released statement, the Barneveld Republican warns that the issue is heading toward a crisis situation.

Hanna said,"As I said publicly months ago, we need to raise our debt limit before it becomes a crisis. Now we're there.Both sides need to come together with a plan, not for the good of political parties but for the good of the American people. I urge leadership in the Senate and the House to bring legislation to the floor that can become law before August 2. This legislation should include meaningful spending cuts and budget reforms. This nation has never defaulted on a nickel and it never should. The United States of America pays its bills. My duty is to protect the full faith and credit of the dollar and put our nation on a long-term path to solvency that embraces the notion of shared sacrifice."