Washington, D.C. (WIBX) - House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, (R-WI), has outlined his 2012 budget plan called "The Path to Prosperity", which would cut the federal deficit by $6-trillion over the next decade through major reforms to Medicaid and Medicare.

Congressman Richard Hanna released the following statement on the proposal:

"New Yorkers are long overdue a serious conversation about our nation's long-term fiscal future. The status quo course of taxing, borrowing and spending dooms our children and grandchildren to crushing debt, less economic opportunity and a lower standard of living. The status quo is not an option I support.

"I intend to spend the next several days studying Chairman Ryan's proposal and other budgets offered by my colleagues. Any budget I support must put our country on a path to fiscal responsibility; it must reform and strengthen Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. It must allow the United States to continue to be a society of opportunity.

"I welcome and encourage all citizens of the 24th District to share their opinions and concerns with me during this necessary budget debate."