Rome, NY (WIBX) - Congressman Richard Hanna, (NY-24) paid a visit to the Defense Finance and Accounting Services Office in Griffiss Technology Park in Rome this morning. The Barneveld Republican who's kicking off his "Hanna Means Business" campaign, says his mission is to meet with management and employees to offer his assistance as they continue to grow their operation.

Hanna said, "By next March they'll have another 80 people here and their going through the hiring process right now. So, it's an important asset to this community and they are the low cost provider of payment work to the military and they are the most efficient operators in the United States." He says DFAS currently employs approximately 1,230 employees.

Hanna says part of his aim is to find out how the recent passing of the debt ceiling bill will affect their operation in the future. "I asked them specifically what they would do if Congress had defaulted, and he told me that the Treasury had a plan that they had worked out together but thankfully that didn't happen. So, it has not affected them and it won't affect them," he said. He says the last minute deal reached on the FAA bill will not be a factor for the group. Hanna said his hope is that at a time when government is looking to safe money that they would look to Rome DFAS and hopefully expand the work they do--DFAS is responsible for processing payments for military personnel throughout the world. "So, if savings means anything today, and I think it does, Rome should be able to grow," he said.

Hanna says he was surprised to learn how efficiently DFAS is operated. He says his campaign is to ask a simple question, "How can we help you, how can we be of service, what is it you need, what don't you like about what we're doing in Washington--that's always an earful as you can imaging--and we're just trying to be here to help," he said.