Utica, NY (WIBX) - Congressman Richard Hanna was in Utica to tour the city's Fire Academy and Oneida Square Fire Station, while discussing programs and initiatives for first responders and fire fighters.

The lawmaker talked about the safety of rescuers while on the job, especially following a disaster.

Hanna also addressed his most recent bill in the House.

"I'm authoring in the House the Uniform Application State Codes, so that these firemen know what they're getting into, and women, when they go into a building," Hanna said. "Hopefully, you have a set of standards throughout the state. If they're good standards, it can buy them precious few seconds to save themselves or save someone else's life."

The Safe Building Codes Incentive Act provides an extra four percent of post-disaster  grant funding from FEMA to states enforcing better, and safer, building codes.

Hanna says by making additional funding available, states may be more willing to adopt better regulations.