Rome, NY (WIBX) - A CSX freight train derailment south of the City of Rome near Route 69 and Reber Road yesterday afternoon, spilled 5 gallons of Toluene--a hazardous chemical known to cause environmental pollution. Stephen Litwhiler, Spokesman for the Department of Environmental Conservation in Watertown says Haz-Mat crews are working to ensure the minor spill does not negatively impact the area.

Litwhiler said, "They did an evaluation yesterday and  they deemed that it was safe and we're looking it over. It did appear that very little--if any--did actually leak out of the tank car." He goes onto say, "If there was any immanent danger for human health there would be an advisory that would have been put out."

Officials did not issue an advisory and Lithwiler says area residents should not be concerned. Haz-Mat crews are moving the Toluene from the disabled freight train to tanker trucks to transport it out of the area. Officials say the amount that did spill, will be cleaned up by removal of the affected soil.

The EPA fact sheet on the effects of Toluene can be found right here: