Students at Herkimer County Community College joined together to promote an end to domestic violence against women during its inaugural One Billion Rising event.

"This is a global event put on by Eve Ensler to bring about awareness of violence against women. One in three women in the world will be raped or beaten. 200 countries are participating today and it's a global initiative."

Jane Verri is a Social Science professor at HCCC. She says the college's Women's Club and Gay/Straight Alliance set up booths alongside other local groups like the YWCA and Amnesty International.

Kimberly Garriques attended the V-Day event, operating a booth for the Women's Club. She says men can learn a lot from these types of programs.

"I think because you are in college, you're getting mature... you learn something new every single day," Garriques said. "So, I think with them being here, they're getting experience, like 'How would you feel if somebody was doing this to your mother, your sister, your best friend or whatever.'"

Participants wrote letters, danced and ate, while others took part in an open-mic session.

But, Katie with the Domestic Violence Program of Herkimer County, says One Billion Rising isn't just about physical violence.

"Those are the first things that you think of when you think of domestic violence," Katie said. "There's also emotional, psychological, economic abuse, sexual abuse, and we just wanted everyone to know that we have a 24-hour hotline at (315) 866-0458."

A video of the action at HCCC will be uploaded to YouTube as part of the One Billion Rising project, next to other videos from all over the world.