Herkimer, NY (WIBX) - The newly renovated Center for Global Learning at Herkimer County Community College celebrated its completion with a ribbon cutting ceremony today. The school boosts an average of 100 international students from 20 different countries and the International Center is designed to better support these students, and others interested in study abroad programs.

The goal is to also broaden a cultural exchange between domestic and international students. Tze-Teck Sim is Director of International Programs at HCCC and said the Center for Global Learning is now capable of doing much more. He said, "We have workshop seminars for international students. We talk about stereotypes and other issues. We provide programs like immigration rules and regulations so that students are actually still on track with immigrations rules." Sim said to be eligible to take part in the international program, immigration rules mandates that international students maintain a full-time class schedule of at least 12 hours per semester. He said a student could be sent back to their home country if they don't understand or follow the rules involved with studying in a different country.

The Center will not only support international students but will also develop credit based study abroad programs for domestic students interested in learning about different cultures, including learning about international business strategies. Dr. Mitch Leventhal, Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs at the State University of New York said the Center's work relates directly to skill development and global understanding. He said, "Students today need to understand how the companies that they work for are affected by the world. How products that they are manufacturing or services that they are providing can be marketed in the world. They need to be able to work for companies that are entering our markets from around the world." Leventhal spoke at the ribbon cutting event and said appreciation for different perspective is imperative in developing successful students in our global society. The Center for Global Learning is located on the lower level of the HCCC Library.