Obama in Central New York

WIBX will have complete coverage this evening.

Gripe of the Day

Is concerning the man thought to be trying to abduct a child while driving a white pickup truck; but, upon investigation, he was a guy just trying to stop kids from climbing an apple tree.  The gripe is:  False Alarm.

Anti-NY Safe Act Group protesting at the State Fair

They're on the air

Update:  Leon Etienne and his Wildcard Hopes

Two judges, Howard Stern and Howie Mandel from America's Got Talent held their wildcard votes until next week.  That means, Leon and Romy could still be added back onto the show.  You'll just have to wait until next Tuesday night.

Justin Cortese and His Morning Brushback

Justin is piping in on instant replay in Major League Baseball and the fact that Bud Selig has only used email once!


Attorney Joe Hobika

Discussing Overpasses.org and the protests that are resulting in arrests across the country.

NY State DOT in the studio talking about the Arterial Project

NYS DOT officials on the air this morning say the Arterial project is expected to be done in 2016.  The Fay Street Warehouse building might be imploded.  The spectacle is expected to happen late this Fall or early next Spring.

[Audio Coming]

Bradley Manning is a Woman?

Wow!  The Today Show had an exclusive interview with Manning's attorney this morning and he claims Manning is actually transgender...meaning, he sees himself as a woman.


Common Council War

Bill Morehouse and Jim Zecca are at odds and the two are in studio to discuss the latest conflict.

[Audio Coming Soon]

President Obama will be in Central New York

Obama's bus tour is in Syracuse later today.