Herkimer, NY (WIBX) - Older residents of Herkimer County are encouraged to take advantage of a recent increase in supply of Shingles vaccines.

Gregory O'Keefe, director of Public Health for Herkimer County, says anyone who has had chicken pox is at risk of shingles, though those 60 and older face increased risks.

"If a person is quite elderly it seems to be even more devastating," O'Keefe said. "Since your immunity is down, if you're older, your ability to fight back from any severe illness like shingles can be decreased."

Common symptoms of shingles include severe pain, headaches, chills and stomach pains. If the rash is located near the eye or ear, other complications may develop.

O'Keefe suggests those at risk contact their insurance provider and physician regarding the vaccine. Unlike an average flu shot, it costs much more - in some cases in excess of $400.