Little Falls, NY (WIBX) - Nearly 100 Herkimer County residents know a little bit more about wind energy. Representatives from Cornell Cooperative Extension and NYSERDA met with residents last night to explain the many advantages of wind power.

Jim Juczack, NYSERDA Coordinator for Energy Smart Communities in Northern Herkimer County outlined the "basics" of harnessing wind energy.

 "The wind is fueled by the sun, we are always going to have wind...we're not always going to have readily available fossil fuels. You know, the same thing with waterpower, the same thing with sun power...they're all there. We can know them, we can quantify them, we know that they're not going to disappear for 3 or 4 millions of years", Juczack said.

The program covered everything from a typical turbine installation to safety and maintenance issues.

Juczack also explained the State and Federal financial incentives for both businesses and citizens that invest in wind energy.

(Story by Branden Block)