While the internet is known for prank videos and endless cats, one YouTuber decided to do something a little different. The YouTuber VitalyzdTv decided to switch it up and just took to the streets to show a bit of charity to one homeless man.

He approached a random homeless man named Martin and asked him if he'd like a makeover. An enthusiastic response from Martin led to a shopping trip, a haircut, a hotel where he could shower and get some sleep before hitting the town. They finished with a giant steak dinner.

VitalyzedTv said:

I wanted to make a random homeless guy's day and since I am usually a d-bag in my vids..I also wanted to show people that I have a heart and I am a really nice guy.

Whether this makes up for all of the mean-spirited pranks remains to be seen but one homeless man's life was certainly changed.


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