The damage along East Walnut Street and Lenox Avenue in Oneida was jaw dropping. 

Dozens of homes looked as though they stood in the middle of a lake - and, they did, at least for one day.

Many residents did all they could to salvage a few items, dragging snow blowers, law mowers, generators and coolers with a items from the kitchen onto the sidewalks. It was all they had time to save.

One resident told WIBX that at 7:00 am on Friday, his entire backyard was dry. He speculated the Oneida Creek 'must have dammed-up' as a possible explanation as to how the water could rise so quickly, giving residents just enough time to scurry out of their homes and stand in the street.

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And, stand there with nothing. No change of clothes, no food, just they things they able to drag from their garages to the curb.

As you'll see in the gallery below, some even lost vehicles: